AMIGO ALLIANCE BD designs and manufactures affordable, elegant, and innovative mobile devices focusing on satisfying the needs of day-to-day usage. We are offering a vast portfolio of mobile phones and accessories nationally. We are constantly launching new models in the market with prominence on delivering what today's mobile users need. AMIGO ALLIANCE BD positively offers products to consumers at an affordable price without sacrificing style, design, and quality. AMIGO ALLIANCE BD continues to rise at a quicker step, running passionate followers and fans nationwide.


Our mission is to add value to our consumer's user experience through our product with trendsetting technologies, features, and innovations. Our goal is to make an efficient and responsive solution that can easily relate to digital design and services.


Our vision is to create a futuristic experience for our consumers with a sense of excitement and a brand-new experience with a surprising price tag. As though to stand out in the crowd, we are here to bring an extended experience that adopts a contrast with others.